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Crypto Arbitrage trading system for scanning, analyzing,
developing strategies and trading by statistical arbitrage in cryptocurrency markets.

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Cryptocurrency Assets

Coin-Vista works with 20+ liquidity providers to give you access to more assets and tokens for trading.
We’ve got you covered from majors to alt coins and will continue to add new trading pairs on our platform.
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Coin-Vista works with leading exchanges to provide our users with
the best experience in cryptocurrency trading

All your accounts in one place

Manage your full portfolio and follow all your assets performance from a single interface.

Full visibility of portfolio distribution

See how your crypto portfolio is split between different exchanges and wallet addresses.

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Open an account directly in our app using our referral link and enjoy discounts on trading fees with our partner exchanges.

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advanced features

Trade 7,000+ pairs on multiple exchanges from a single and intuitive app with every feature you need to succeed in crypto

Set Investment Limit

Tell us the amount you want to invest and we will show arbitrages accordingly

Set Alerts

Never miss an opportunity even when you are away as we send the alerts on telegram and on your browser

using Coin-Vista, you can trade, manage your portfolio, automate your trading and more, all in one place.

  • 25+ accounts supported

    Manage your full portfolio and follow all your assets performance from a single interface.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

    Adds an extra layer of security to your online accounts. It requires two different types of information to verify your identity and grant access. This helps protect you from unauthorized access and keeps your sensitive information safe.

  • Real-time order books

    Tick-by-tick order books with under 100ms latency. See your new and open orders live in the order book.

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