Trailing Stops

Trailing stop loss

Sell for maximum profit with Trailing stop loss

Trailing Stop Loss% is a feature that will automatically sell an asset if it drops by your chosen amount. This option has been the most popular with our users because of its ease and flexibility.

The additional opportunity this feature offers has consistently made it the most popular feature amongst our users.

Trailing stop buy

Avoid paying too much with Trailing stop buy

Trailing stop buy is a new and very simple Forex trading strategy that takes some of the guesswork out of buying stocks. When using this technique, the Index actively tracks down the price while your favorite indicators indicate when it’s time to buy. The actual order is placed at the first sign of an uptrend.

Trailing stop loss

Buy back cheap with trailing stop short

Trailing Stop Short is a tool that you can use to actively track the price of your short position, all the way down. Once the price starts showing signs of reversing and begins rising, Trailing Stop Short closes out your short. Then it will start tracking from scratch again.

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